Emerging Talent

Emerging talent speaks to those that are looking to start their career in an area where they can maximize their potential. At HAJ Designs we prepare the individual for the expectations of this particular environment in corporate America. We help develop your personal style that is appropriate for your position while creating a presence that sends a message about your goals of moving up the corporate ladder.

Aspiring Leadership

Aspiring Leadership focuses on those who are looking to continue their progression up the corporate ladder and need to create a presence that exudes leadership, professionalism and confidence. HAJ Designs facilitates the client through exceptional consulting that exemplifies the clients’ personal style. We help the client by understanding their needs as well as their environment to maximize the impressions they make and ensure the presence is long lasting.


The Arrived focuses on the leadership roles within a company or organization. The individual has expectations to meet as well as a presence that conveys leadership, confidence as well as professionalism. The idea is to preserve the client’s image and persona through personal style that has been developed and handcrafted specifically for them. HAJ Designs helps the Arrived client build a wardrobe that suits their organization’s culture as well as their personal style and needs, all the while maintaining professionalism with a presence.



The V-neck: This variation on the classic tee is best limited to lounging around at the beach. Pair it with jeans or chinos. Keep in mind, V-neck shirts accentuate the chest. Thus, it helps to have the pecs to match.


Shorts: If you want to look taller: choose a short with center pleats on the legs. You can also decide to wear a high-waisted short, making your legs longer. If you are curvy: Prefer shorts without back pockets. Indeed, an A-line works very well for you! If you are straight up and down: The tip to have more curves is to cinch your short above the belly button.

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